Tricel Puraflo

Tricel Puraflo

Secondary & tertiary wastewater treatment

This is the further treatment of effluent that is coming from the primary treatment tank. Secondary and tertiary treatment is required when the soil or grounds are located on sensitive sites such as water table protection areas. The combined treatment will result in a high-level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

Tricel Puraflo treatment modules are ideal as a polishing filter for secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment applications. Environmentally sensitive sites, such as in water table protection areas, often require a higher level of treatment. The required level of treatment is achieved by combining Puraflo modules with a secondary treatment tank, typically an aerobic treatment unit.

The secondary treated effluent goes through a third treatment process (tertiary treatment). Puraflo polishing filter modules and the combined system will provide very high-level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

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Tricel Puraflo