Wastewater Treatment

Single house, large complex and industrial systems

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Wastewater Treatment

Servicing all Wastewater Treatment Systems 

Wastewater treatment systems provide high performance effluent treatment. In such systems, a yearly inspection and maintenance is essential to ensure the system performance remain at the same high standards throughout its lifetime. Anua Environmental offers a range of Service Agreement options as advised on the Environmental Protection Agency report.

The basic Wastewater treatment system service agreement includes the following: 

  • Inspection visit – agreed arrangement with the customer
  • Detailed report – indicating status of the mechanical and electrical components where applicable
  • Inlet Pump Station  – where applicable
  • Primary Settlement section
  • Storage Section  – where applicable
  • Anoxic Section – where applicable
  • Aeration Section  – where Applicable
  • Production Equipment  – where applicable

Single house systems

The importance of maintenance in single house systems is critical. Keeping all elements in perfect working order eliminates the possibility of unpleasant surprises that can be generated in case of a blockage or an issue on the purifying process. The damage that can be caused to the surrounding environment and the inconvenience of the people that live in the house can be significant. This is why a proactive approach is highly recommended.

Sewage Treatment Systems provide high performance effluent treatment with low running costs. A regime of yearly inspection and maintenance is advised to ensure that your system continues to perform to the same high standards throughout its lifetime. Anua Environmental offer a range of Service Agreement options. Choose one to suit your needs and get the best from your system.

Free Sludge Level Assessment and Desludging Recommendation:

Anua Environmental will assess the sludge level in your sewage treatment system free of charge when they carry out the system inspection. Based on this assessment we will then advise when you should have your sewage treatment system desludged. The EPA guidelines on Treatment systems for single houses recommend that you should desludge your septic tank once per year or when scum is noticeable in the second chamber of the tank and/or the depth of sludge in the second compartment is greater than 400mm.